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ALBA Awards Categories

Distinguishing the Best of Latino Entrepreneurship

The ALBAs recognize and celebrate the exceptional achievements of Latino businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the state. This year, we will recognize the following:

How to nominate a candidate?

Eligibility Criteria by Award Category

Each ALBA Award category has specific eligibility criteria to ensure a fair and impartial process. Review the detailed requirements by category, such as years in operation, annual revenue, workforce size, and more, before submitting a nomination to maximize their chances for recognition at these prestigious awards.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

(Awarded to Person):

Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit and new perspectives of individuals who have begun their entrepreneurial journey with enthusiasm and creativity. This award recognizes rising stars in the business world who have bravely faced challenges and demonstrated notable innovation and promise within their first year of operation.

young Entrepreneur of the Year

Art Business of the Year

(Awarded to Company/Business):

Illuminating the vibrant tapestry of artistic expression within Arkansas, this award highlights businesses that serve as beacons of creativity, elevating diverse art forms such as painting, dance, visual arts and more. These businesses not only enrich cultural experiences, but also serve as catalysts for inspiration and connection within the community.

Young couple dancing latin music: Bachata, merengue, salsa. Two elegance pose on white room

LGBTQ+ Business of the Year

(Awarded to Business):

Honoring businesses that serve as champions of inclusion and acceptance. These businesses are not only places of commerce but pillars of support and defenders of equality and diversity, driving positive social changes.

LGBTQ+ Business of the Year

Small Business of the Year

(Awarded to Business):

Celebrating the unsung heroes of the business landscape, this award recognizes small businesses that have defied the odds, overcome obstacles and left an indelible mark on their communities. These businesses embody the spirit of resilience, innovation and dedication, proving that size is no barrier to having a big impact.

Portrait of a male mechanic in an auto repair shop

Woman-Owned Business of the Year

(Awarded to a Person):

Amplifying the voices of women entrepreneurs who are not only driving business success, but also empowering marginalized communities through their efforts. This award celebrates visionaries who are breaking barriers, challenging norms and creating pathways to opportunity, paving the way to a more inclusive and equitable future.

Cafe or coffee shop barista, entrepreneur and female small business owner of successful modern star

Latino Trailblazer Award

(Awarded to Person):

Honoring individuals whose unwavering dedication and tireless advocacy have uplifted and empowered the Latino community in Arkansas. Beyond business success, these leaders have served as catalysts for change, driving initiatives that promote cultural pride, social justice and collective prosperity, leaving a lasting legacy of impact and inspiration.

Latino Lifetime Achievement Award

Nonprofit Organization of the Year

(Awarded to Nonprofit Organization):

Recognizing the heart and soul of philanthropy and community service, this award honors nonprofit organizations that have made significant progress in addressing pressing social issues and improving the quality of life for Latinos in Arkansas. These organizations embody compassion, collaboration and commitment, serving as pillars of hope and catalysts for positive change.

Group of volunteers working in community charity donation center

Meet our past winners and learn about their incredible contributions to the Arkansas' Latino business community.